PlayStation 5 to be Released Sooner Than Expected

According to new reports, the PlayStation 5 console will not be released this year, as Sony has decided to bring the PlayStation 4 Pro. However, it’s not too early for some speculations, as there are already rumors which say that the PlayStation 5 might be released sooner than everyone is expecting.

In concordance with TrustedReviews, it takes about 5-6 years for Sony to release a new generation of PlayStation console. In other words, a PlayStation console version will stay in the market for a little more than five years, which is long enough to have a pretty good library of games developed during this time.

Sony has recently released the PlayStation 4 Slim and PlayStation 4 Pro. It seems that the company has a new strategy in order to adapt to similar mid-cycle refreshes from its competitors, especially Microsoft.

The PlayStation 4 Slim looks way better than the first variant of the PlayStation 4 console, but avid gamers will go for the PlayStation 4 Pro console, as it comes with performance upgrades, being able to run games at a 4K resolution. The PlayStation 4 Pro has also been released for the quickly growing segment of buyers, who are interesting in or already have purchased 4K displays.

According to Korea Portal, the rumors regarding the PlayStation 5 began circulating again around the time when Microsoft has hinted that it will launch the Xbox Scorpio. The Xbox Scorpio comes with improved hardware, which will be even better than the PlayStation 4 Pro (in terms of hardware). At the same time, the Xbox Scorpio will be able to run games at 4K resolution without any problems.

Sony will most likely watch the market’s reactions once Microsoft’s Xbox Scorpio console hit the stores. Depending on how the consumers will react, Sony will then decide if they need to rush on releasing the PlayStation 5 or they can keep the 5-6 years gap between console generations.

If Sony will see that the consumers are ready to upgrade their console, there are high chances that the PlayStation 5 will be released sometime in 2018, instead of 2020.

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