Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) vs. Honor 8 – Best Specs and Features Comparison

Ever since Samsung released the Galaxy A5 (2017), many people have expressed their interest in the new device. The South Korean company seems to be performing better and better from year to year when it comes to the A series. However, their main rival is Honor 8, which is quite tough to match. But which one is better?

Build and Design

Both devices look good, actually. However, they don’t compare to high-end ones, but the A5 2017 was influenced by the Galaxy S7 design. It features a metal unibody covered in 3D glass, and it has slim bezels on the top and bottom. Moreover, the loudspeaker is placed on the right side, not on the left. Honor 8 has a metal and glass aspect with a very nice effect.


Both smartphones have 5.2 inches displays, the same HD definition and the same ppi, 442. However, Samsung chose a Super AMOLED screen for their device, while Honor 8 features an LCD display. Even so, the quality is great in both of them.


Honor 8 is by far the winner on this category, with its Kirin 950 processor and 4 GB RAM. Meanwhile, Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) relies on a octacore Exynos 7880 CPU paired with 3 GB RAM.


The Honor 8 device features a 12 MP dual lens camera, similarly to the Huawei P9 flagship, one of the sensors being black and white. Meanwhile, the Galaxy A5 (2017) presents a 16 MP snapper. However, the quality of the photos is pretty similar, there are no major differences between the two phones at this point.


Galaxy A5 (2017) runs on a 3,000 mAh battery, which is 100 mAh more than its predecessor. It lasts for two days even if you use it intensively. Meanwhile, Honor 8 has the same number of mAh, but it lasts less.

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