Ubisoft confirms that Avatar project will not have an impact on The Division

A few days ago we’ve heard that Ubisoft Massive is currently working on a brand-new game based on Avatar movie, directed by James Cameron back in 2009.

Once the gamers have found out about this, they started wondering if “The Division” has any future or the game will completely die now since the developers will no long focus on it.

At the same time, the timing was not the best one, as “The Avatar” project has appeared on the same day when the final expansion has been released for “The Division”. The last expansion for “The Division” is Last Stand and it was released along with the 1.6 update.

Ubisoft has not replied too fast to fans requests regarding the future of “The Division,” but now the game developer has mentioned that the new project will not have any impact on “The Division” or vice-versa.

The company has mentioned that “Avatar is a new project with its own dedicated team and Massive is currently recruiting top talents to work on it.” It seems that the development of Avatar will not have any impact on the team that’s currently working on “The Division” and that the developing company will keep supporting and update the game and brand for the long term.

While Ubisoft thinks that “The Division” is doing very well, we have to mention that the hype of the game has ended only 2-3 months after it was released. We can say that the game is now played by a lot of players, but not as many as the developing company has hoped.

Avatar was a very good movie and we think that a game using that story will be awesome. We think that there will be some outstanding graphics and riding and “Ikran” will surely please everyone.

We also mention that the “Ghost Recon: Wild Lands” has just been released, which is another source of pressure for “The Division”. The newly released game comes with multiplayer mode and a very big map, where you will have all sorts of missions. The game will also receive a PvP system, where two teams composed from 4 players each will need to battle with each other.

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