Clash Royale Postpones March Update to Prepare Anniversary Update

The month of March has been kind of bittersweet for Clash Royale players so far. There has been a lot happening in the recent past, but more on that in a second. For those that aren’t familiar with the game, Clash Royale is a very popular spin-off of the even more popular game Clash of Clans. Clash Royale has been launched nearly a year ago, and many are looking forward to celebrate the game’s first birthday alongside the game creators which are just as stoked.

Since the game’s release, fans have gotten accustomed to getting a new update every month. This monthly update would hold various contents, mostly having to do with improving the game, in whichever sector that was needed. The March update has been confirmed by the game maker as delayed, meaning that players wouldn’t get any new goodies this month. However, that might actually be a good thing, if the second part of the story is also true. “Wait, what second part?” , you might ask.

Well, it would seem that the game’s developer is actually planning on releasing a celebratory update in the near future which would contain a lot of goodies. The anniversary update would also include what would have supposedly been meant for March. There are multiple elements that fans would be looking forward to seeing drop in this new, already hyped up patch, but one of the most exciting new features would be Team Battles.

There are people that have been wanting Team Battles ever since the game launch, and if rumors are correct, they might be about to get that feature. These aren’t just words in the wind, spoken by highly optimistic people. There are some leaked screenshots from in-game which strongly suggest that Team Battles are a thing, and they’re coming in the next big update. It will be great to see Team Battles and other features implemented in the already booming Clash Royale.

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