GTA 5 Online Newest Details We Know So Far

The GTA 5 gamers are most likely delighted to hear the latest exciting news, since the famous YouTube user MrBossFTW (or Ross) brought us more details about the future DLC content. He also referenced the teasing images released by Rockstar for the next title update. According to his explanations, first of all we will have to text the Progen GP1, the new supercar that should be released along with the next DLC for the GTA Online game.

If you looked at the teasers released by Rockstar, you will see that it’s probably a 3-seater vehicle, since the driver would sit in the middle, not on the left side as you can usually see. If this is true, then this might be the first 3-seater supercar ever to appear in the game! However, this is in fact a contradiction of the fact that we only had 2-seats cars in the GTA 5.

If you look at the video Ross posted, you will see that the Progen GP1 is influenced greatly by the McLaren F1 car, while another car, Progen Tyrus, also presents some features with similar designs to the F1.

Further on, it seems that Rockstar will be using some speed boosters, the yellow props, and it is highly unlikely that they will bring new types of racing vehicles to the game.

Regarding the release, the upcoming DLC should be released in the second week of March or in the middle of the month, just when the Tunables update will be launched. Ross also summarized the DLC structure by saying that there are no map expansions. Instead, the developers will now focus on the unexplored areas in the maps that already exists in the game, namely Blaine County, Sandy Shores or Paleto Bay.

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  1. LICK ME! More cars you CAN’T STEAL in a game called GRAND THEFT AUTO!!! They shoulda called it “Buy fake cars with real money” fukking SCAMMERS!

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