iPad Air 3 Release Date and Latest Leaks

One question that has been tormenting everybody recently is the one about the release of the iPad Air 3. Apple had released the iPad Pro 9.7, which was an excellent product that brought the 10-inches iPad to date, but does that mean we will have another iPad Air? Moreover, there is no information about a possible new 7.9 inches iPad, so people are doubting the mini range too.

Release Date

If we were to take into account last year’s schedule, Apple should have a special event on March 20th or Tuesday the 21st. However, this might be about the iPad Air 3 or not. Even though many people think we will see the launching event in March, DigiTimes reported that some of the components meant for the iPads will not be finished by then.


People estimate that the standard price for the full-size iPad would be around £399, for the Wi-Fi-only model with an internal storage of 32 GB. However, this would be true only if the device would be launched this year.


The iPad Air 2 received some changes at the time, becoming slimmer and lighter, so why not expect something like that for the iPad Air 3 too? Rumor has it that Apple wants to build it from stronger aluminum, so everything is possible.


Regarding the hardware, the iPad Air 3 will supposedly come with the Apple Pencil support, the A9X chip, a 4-speaker audio system and many others. Most likely it will have a 9.7 inches screen with a 2048×1536 pixels resolution, which is a pixel density value of 264. The camera will undoubtedly be better than on the previous model, but we have no details on this. Even so, you should take it all with a grain of salt, since these are just rumors and speculations.

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