Firefox 52 Version Kills Many Plugins, but leaves Adobe Flash Player Untouched

Mozilla has released a new Firefox version, which can now be downloaded and installed on your computer as we speak. It seems that the new version of the browser comes with some significant changes that you should know about.

One of the most notable changes is that the browser will now only run Flash and anything that’s reliant on the Netscape Plugin API (NPAPI) will be blocked. This means that plugins such as Acrobat, Java or Silverlight are now gone.

Firefox has also added support for WebAssembly client-side scripting environment in order to ease the passing of plugins. According to Mozilla, WebAssembly comes with native performance to web-based applications, games and software libraries without using the plugins that it has blocked.

The Firefox version 52 also comes with another big change by adding a new significant warning feature. So, when you will visit a website that doesn’t run HTTPS, the browser will warn you about it.

Mozilla has announced back in January 2017 that its Firefox browser will soon warn us about websites that don’t run HTTPS, letting us know that the website we’re visiting is not using the secured protocol.

The company has done this because it wants to “force” websites that are not using yet HTTPS to get used to it. There are many websites out there that haven’t adopted it yet, and it seems that Mozilla is not happy about it, saying that any website should use it nowadays.

The Firefox version 52 comes with support for “Strict Secure Cookies”. This has been done especially to prevent HTTP-only website from delivering cookies using the “secure” attribute. This attribute denotes that the cookie should only be transported over encrypted links, but don’t worry, it is still possible to access such cookies over HTTP under some circumstances.

However, thanks to this new feature, the cookies that will be marked as “secured” will be able to be touched only by HTTPS servers.

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