Google Chrome Tabs and how to Manage Them Easier

Many users are focusing nowadays on the way they can manage the tabs on their web browser, especially when it comes to browsers on mobile devices.

Unfortunately, not many know that sometimes they have over 10 tabs open in their browser without their knowledge. This means that those tabs are using the mobile device’s CPU, RAM and battery.

Today we will tell you how to manage the tabs on your Google Chrome web browser.

Google Chrome: Creating Tabs

If you want to create a new tab on your Google Chrome, you will just need to do the following: open Google Chrome and tap on the menu button that’s located in the upper-right-hand corner. Once the menu opens, you will need to tap the first option named “New Tab”.

By opening a new tab, you will be able to retain the current web page while opening a new one, where you can visit another website. However, this can’t be any good if you don’t know how to access the old tabs or close them.

Google Chrome: Tab Management

Managing your tabs is very easy, as you will not need to open a menu to get to view all your Google Chrome tabs.

While having Chrome open, you will need to tap on the square button located next to the left of the menu button. Once you do that, you will be able to manage the tabs as follows:

  • Tap on any window to open the tab;
  • Tap on the “X” button to close the tab;
  • Open a new tab by tapping on the “+” button that’s located in the upper left corner;
  • Tap the menu button for additional options.

Now that you know how to manage the Google Chrome tabs, your browsing experience will be more enjoyable than before.

Are you using Google Chrome on your mobile device? Tell us your thoughts about this web browser!

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