Google Earth Pro Tips and Tricks For a Smoother Navigation

Google Earth has been the talk of many people for a long time and its praise is sure deserved as it fascinated a lot of discovery enthusiasts with its amazing features and ability to pinpoint every location imaginable on earth. No other software can even compare to what Google Earth is offering as it has received some amazing updates in recent years which enhanced the way in which we can explore various places around the earth.

People also have access to a Google Earth Pro version in order to have a better experience and take advantage of some amazing features as well as the data which is available within a few clicks’ distance which is tailored to every users’ specific needs. Not only is it free of charge but it has some amazing encompassing data which can be used by anyone and everywhere.

Print High Resolution Images Right From The Software

Those who are in need of taking a great quality image for a school project or for a presentation have the option of taking a photo right from the software as they are to the go to the File option then navigate throughout Save and lastly click on Save Image. Afterwards, Google Earth Pro Users need to set the resolution and the image will be ready for being printed.

Create Amazing Tours By Yourself

There are a lot of options to mingle with as users of Google Earth Pro have the option of creating virtual tours of various places in order to get a preview of what lies ahead of their next trip. Google Earth Pro has a recording feature which allows users to record tours to various places around the world with ease.

Access To Historical Data

People have the amazing option to getting to know how a city looked like a lot of years ago. Google Earth Pro offers a historical imagery which allows users to how certain surroundings have changed during the passage of time. It will act as the perfect time machine for those who want to know a bit of history.

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