Google Pixel vs. Sony Xperia XZ – Which One Performs Better?

When you compare two mobile devices, there are a lot of elements that you can bring up and leverage in your argument as to which is better and why. However, all the fancy features and flashy tricks mobile phones can do today are borderline useless if the device can’t stay on long enough. These days, manufacturers don’t take any chances and stuff 3000 mAh battery units into their smartphones to make sure that users won’t have to charge the phone two times a day just so they can keep WiFi on.

Most smartphone comparison are looking to see which device is better overall, but in this article we are  taking a look at two of the best devices on the market and attempting to see which can provide consumers with the best experience from a battery standpoint. The two subjects of discussion will be Google’s Pixel flagship and Sony’s Xperia XZ model.

Google Pixel

  • 2770 mAh battery unit, non-removable, Li-Ion;
  • 110 hour music playback;
  • 26 hours call time;
  • 19 day standby time.

Sony Xperia XZ

  • 2900 mAh battery unit, non-removable, Li-Ion;
  • 17 hour call time;
  • 25 day standby time.

So far both devices seem to excel in their own distinctive categories. While the Google device offers more call time opportunity with its battery, you can leave the Xperia XZ handset in standby mode for a lot longer, almost a week. Depending on what type of consumer you are, one or the other can look more attractive.

Several tests have been made to stress both batteries and see which puts up better and puts out a better performance. While these tests can be more or less relevant, depending on the consumer category you’re presenting the results to, there’s no denying that both companies have went out of their way. In terms of battery power, the two are able to provide a great battery life so that users of both solutions can enjoy close to a full day of usage.

While Google Pixel comes with a slightly smaller unit in terms of capacity, you need to remember that Pixel also comes with pure Android. That means fewer things that drain battery. Xperia having more things jammed into the OS courtesy of Sony will drain more battery as a result, so that battery capacity advantage starts to dissipate.

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