Google Play Update Brings Podcast Series to the Google Play Music Service

Google has announced yet another important update which will bring a podcast series which is perfectly entitled City Soundtrack to its already amazing and encompassing music service as announced a short while ago. Not only will the brand new feature come with interviews with top musicians about their lives and details about how their hometowns have influenced their work but will also include which people influenced them the most and had the greatest impact on their lives.

Podcast fans are going to be in delight as the presenter will be none other than Hrishikesh Hirway, a name which is heavily featured heavily in the podcast world. Listeners will be in constant amazing as the series will feature a new show called Song Explorer where important musicians dissect their songs piece by piece in order for their fans to have a better understanding of their meanings.

City Soundtracks is going to be an innovative feature to a music service as it will be an intricate mix of both conversation and music as stated by Google. The episodes are fairly short in size when taking into account that the longest one will be as long as 15 minutes. One of the most amazing features of Google’s brand new podcast service is that fans will get to know some important details about their favorite musicians.

Google will come with an amazing way to interweave the podcast service into Google Play Music and each episode of the brand new show will come with its own playlist which will be specifically created by the podcast guest which will eventually translate into the listener getting more amazing information about the musician’s music taste and likings.

The direct competitors of Google, namely Apple and Spotify are delivering the same treatment to their respective fans as Apple has just bought the rights to Carpool Karaoke whilst Spotify has just announced a new series of podcasts which will tackle music’s intersection with pop culture as well as music festivals and how hip hop stars got famous.

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