Samsung Galaxy S7 Active finally gets Android Nougat Update

A stroll through the AT&T forums has landed an important discovery. The discovery in question is the fact that the latest version of Android Nougat will be soon arriving on the Galaxy S7 Active variant of Samsung’s flagship device. Many might be wondering what the S7 Active is actually, since it’s not a name that pops up that frequently in the news.

Basically, the Active variation of Samsung’s Galaxy S7 is a model created to withstand the harshest conditions. It comes with military grade protection and resistance, and it is designed especially so no sand or water will get inside it. It also comes with protection for shock, fall damage, low temperatures and all kinds of other precautions.

Getting Android Nougat on the S7 Active is a big step forward for the users of this device. The jump from Marshmallow to Nougat is huge, and it will be easy to notice, thanks not only to the array of new features and functionalities, but also the completely revamped UI. Every aspect of the software has been upgraded so that users get a much higher quality experience overall. A big downside of Active devices in the past has been the fact that it is not exactly kept in the same priority bracket as the other flagship variants, therefore its users are often times a bit starved for new content.

It looks like that won’t be a concern for S7 Active users anymore, if we are to trust the AT&T forums. It would seems that the update is already live on the AT&T servers, meaning that it would be just a matter of time before it also makes its way to other carriers.

Those that end up receiving the update should remember that over the air updates should be done over a stable and sturdy WiFi connection. Doing it on mobile data is not recommended due to the consequences that might occur if something goes wrong and the update is interrupted mid-download. Also, users should make sure that their devices are charged for more than 60 % of their battery capacity, because you don’t want your device to turn off mid-installation.

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