Facebook 360 for Samsung’s VR Headset Brings VR Functionality to the Social Platform

Facebook is making its first steps into VR with it its new Facebook 360 application. This app allows users to manage and view their photo and video content in a virtual reality environment. Checking out pictures taken is something people do anyway, but now they have the opportunity to make a real experience out of it with the help of this app. The app was created with Samsung’s VR headset in mind, so users of that headset will find the most success when using Facebook 360.

Those interested in getting Facebook 360 can check out the Oculus Store. It brings further implementation with Facebook, as you would expect a Facebook-developed app to do. People can react to the content they see in 360 degrees, and share their reactions on the popular social media platform.

The app works by splitting content into separate categories which help users maintain a sense of direction while using it. There is of course a section that displays your personal files and items, which is called the Timeline part of app. Keeping the social aspect in mind, you can check out more than just your own photos and videos with the new app. Photos and videos posted by your friends also have their own private section. There is also one dedicated to exploring new content. It is appropriately named Explore, and it lets users see all kinds of work from artists and content creators.

Facebook 360 is another step taken by VR technology as the industry is still trying to bring it to the public’s attention. It won’t be very long before people will be using VR on a daily basis as part of their regular tasks.

Those wondering why Facebook chose Samsung’s VR headset specifically as the one this app will be compatible with, should know that Facebook owns Oculus. Oculus is a VR specialized company that has worked together with Samsung in creating the Samsung VR headset.

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