Gboard Update Available with Innovative Features

For those of you who might not be familiar with the product, Gboard is the Google keyboard app. This morning it received a new upgrade, and the new version brings a couple of innovative features. Among them you will see GIF and emoji suggestions while you are typing, Google Translate, more themes for the keyboard and an easier process of voice typing.

The new themes will let you customize your own keyboard through an extended selection of scenic views that can be set as backdrop from the Settings menu. Google also added that the new styles will also appear more often in its development.

Other similar platforms, such as Apple, also offer emoji suggestions while you are typing, but Gboard is kicking it up a notch by bringing GIF suggestions too. The GIFs can also be shared on other apps too, such as Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, Allo and Hangouts, which transforms the Gboard into a replacement for the popular GIF apps, such as Giphy.

However, Google Translate seems to be the most appreciated feature in the new version. The tool helps you translate words and even phrases as you type, after you tap the Translate icon found in the quick-feature menu. Needless to say, this will make communication between people who speak various languages a piece of cake and it will also save them time.

You also get a voice typing boost and an upgrade to the interface, which makes the process of alternating between voice and text typing faster and easier. Last but not least, if you tap on the G icon you will also see access to brand new searching options, such as web, emoji and GIF.

Gboard is in fact quite a popular keyboard app, and many people find it really useful for their needs.

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