Google Cloud Platform Committed-use Discounts

At the Cloud Next event that took place in San Francisco, Google announce they have been working at the beta version of a new price option for the virtual machines found on the Google Compute Platform. The committed-use discounts seal a 1- or 3-year commitment, but you have the freedom of deciding how much memory and the number of cores you wish to buy for those years in bulk. However, after that you can distribute the allotment between your machines as you wish.

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For this, you get an up to 57% discount. At the event, Google did not announce the exact pricing, but they should be back soon with some updates. Their advantage is that for now there is no other competitor on the market to offer such a price scheme. Naturally, the new option is mainly attractive to those who already have a commitment to the Google cloud service. However, for this category of users it might even offer some flexibility, despite the fact that it’s a 1-year arrangement.

In comparison, on other public clouds, you have to pay at least for 3-year leases in order to obtain the best possible price. Meanwhile, Google has been sustaining discounts that let developers save a few bucks for using a machine for an entire month. Moreover, the tech giant has been offering custom machine times that give you the freedom of choosing how many cores or memory you need in particular.

Cloud pricing is indeed a complex issue, and many users of this service claim that optimizing their expenses on this service is one of the biggest problems with it. Google, on the other hand, says that their various price options try to solve this problem in the best way possible for their clients. Indeed, the committed-use discounts are a new option to consider if you’re using the cloud.

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