Google Pixel Phones Phones Have Problems with the Microphones

Google admitted recently that a small part of their Pixel phones have problems with their microphones. As it seems, the microphones are broken, and they need to be sent back in order to be replaced. However, the good news is that the issue is not that often encountered. Google says that it was found on less than 1% of the smartphones. Moreover, the tech giant announced that they would replace the faulty devices last month, and the issue remained mainly unnoticed by the large audience.

According to the company, the main cause for Pixel phones having this problem is a small crack found in the solder connection on the audio codec, which makes all three microphones not function simultaneously. It seems that the issue was known for quite a few months now, and Google declares that they have been taking extra measures to strengthen the connection since January. Also, the phones that were built or refurbished since January should not encounter this issue anymore.

People appreciate the fact that Google offers to replace any phone that was affected by this problem. However, keep in mind that if you bought the phone through a third party seller, you may have to stay without your phone for a while, until you receive the replacement device. The customers who purchased the device straight from Google can have a new one sent to them before returning the existing one, but you will have to agree to a hold on your own credit card.

Despite the fact that the Pixel was released in October, the company still has some issues with keeping it in stock all around the world. And this doesn’t happen because there are shortages, but the bright side is the fact that more people had fixed Pixels instead the ones who are dealing with a broken microphone.

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