iPad Pro 2 Launch to Cause Mini and Air Series to Disappear

It’s been a long wait an eager consumers are dying to see the new iPad Pro 2 tablet which Apple has been preparing for quite some time now. It looks like they might finally get their wish, although not today. There are sources claiming that we will see an Apple event unfold on the 4th of April. This even will allegedly host the introduction of the new iPad Pro 2 tablets.

There are going to be three variants of the device. While two of them will carry on from the generation, the middle sized one is a brand new edition. There is no prior 10.5 inch version of the iPad Pro, and fans are really interested in finding out what this model is all about. There are whispers that say Apple is aiming the 10.5 inch model towards the educational system, which has been a hot topic as of late. More and more top manufacturers are looking to capitalize on that market, with devices such as Google supported Chromebooks taking the reins. Since the device model for education seems to be “easy to use, inexpensive and helpful with learning”, it will be interesting to see how Apple’s new iPad fits in that picture.

While this year marks the release of brand new iPad Pro devices, it might also mark the discontinuation of two very popular iPad lines. One is the iPad Air series, which it is believed will be replaced by the budget friendly, upcoming 9.7 inch iPad Pro 2, and the others is iPad Mini. There is nothing on this device yet that would hint it being replaced by one of the new Pro models, but there is no release date announced either. It remains to be seen what becomes of the Air and Mini series, and if Apple is looking to come up with a universal solution in the form of the new iPad Pro 2 tablet.

Until we get to the 4th of April, more information might pop up referring to the specifications of the new devices. Since Apple will be sending them out to different market segments, the internal configuration will probably look very different jumping from one model to another.

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