WhatsApp Best Tips on Back-up, Privacy and Security Features

WhatsApp is used by many people out there, but most of them don’t even know all the things that you can do in this application, so, today we will give you some tips and tricks that you can use on it.

Your Privacy Comes First

It’s always better to protect your privacy in order to keep stalkers away from you. In order to access WhatsApp privacy settings, head to Settings->Account->Privacy and there you will be able to change the settings and choose who can see when you were last time active, your status and your profile photo. At the same time, you can turn off the read receipts, which will not allow the senders to see when you’ve read their messages, but at the same time you will not be able to see when they read your messages.

Back Up Data

You can save your chats whenever you want to by accessing the WhatsApp’s Settings->Chats->Chat Backup->Back Up Now.

Setting Up A Password

You are able to protect your WhatsApp with a password, but only if you have a device that runs on Android OS. You will just need to install an application that’s able to lock your application with a password, such as “App Locker”.

Using WhatsApp Web

You’ve just returned home and you’re too tired to type from your smartphone? Well, don’t worry, because you will be able to use the WhatsApp Web feature that allows you to log into your WhatsApp account from your computer via the web browser. All you will need to do is search the WhatsApp Web website on Google and scan the QR code using the WhatsApp application from your smartphone.

Sending Documents

Last year, WhatsApp has received a feature that allows you to send documents to your friends. All you will need to do is select a document that you want to send and tap “Send” in the pop-up. If you use a device that runs on iOS, you will have to choose a document from iCloud Drive or tap “More” for other options, such as Google Drive or other cloud services.

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  1. I wouldn’t use WhatsApp, since it is owned by Facebook and can contain backdoor to encryption. I would suggest Signal, but in general, a good VPN is definitely something that you should have if you are concerned about your online privacy. For best online protection, I can recommend Traceless VPN, since they are not keeping any logs and have the best security protocols.

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