Google Camera Gets Great Quality of Life Features With New Update

Our smartphones are capable of amazing things, and there’s no doubt about how much easier they’ve made our lives in many respects. However, in the midst of all the new high-end features that manufacturers and developers have jammed into these devices, there seems to have been one pretty important thing they’ve left out.

We’re talking about the camera shutter noise. It’s fun to have the sound of an oldschool camera shutter go off when you take a picture with your smartphone, but only for the first 30 times or so. It gets really old really fast, not to mention annoying or even super counterproductive if you’re trying to sneak a picture silently. This and some other features have been addressed or added in the latest Google Camera update. Let’s see what’s to like about the new patch.

  • As we’ve said, the new Google Camera update addresses the shutter noise issue, and now users are able to freely enable or disable the sound. It’s up to you to decide whether or not people are going to notice you taking a picture.
  • There is also a new zoom sliding option which allows users to make fine tuning adjustments to their zoom. A new bar appears at the bottom of the screen when you are zooming, making it very easy to track your zoom level in concordance with the phone’s capabilities.
  • Another frustrating thing about the camera on some phones is the fact that changing the exposure only gets you a couple of moments before the exposure slider disappears. That changes with the new update as it now remains visible until the picture is taken.

These are great features that come with the latest Google Camera update. Keep in mind that Google Camera is an app for Google phones, so you will only have access to it if you own a Google Nexus or Google Pixel device.

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