Moto Z Play Devices set to Receive Android Nougat Update with New Features

Unlocked variants of the Moto Z Play devices have started to receive a desired update to their operating software, namely they will receive Android 7.0 Nougat. There have been several owners within the United States who have received this important update which was delivered as an over the air update. The update measures approximately 1.3GB and is set to hit other Moto Z Play devices the following days.

Those who own unlocked versions of the Moto Z Play can install the important update manually by navigating towards the About device option which is to be found on the bottom of the main menu. The Android update brings a whole lot of interesting features to the table thus the device owners will be in delight.

The update has started rolling out in early Febraury this year and is the major iteration of Android software one can have on their devices. One is heavily advised to download the whole package via a Wi-Fi as the update is fairly big in size and will ruin your data connection. One should also make sure to have his or her device fully charge before trying to install the update.

Not only will the Android 7.0 Nougat will improve the experience of using the device for all users but will also introduce a wide array of new features which will be a delight to make use of, such as Multi Window support, quick app switching as well as a new emoji database and bundled notifications. The update also comes with some important security updates which should not be neglected.

Updating to Android 7.0 Nougat will make Moto Z Play devices much more efficient and will run smoother as well as improve the battery performance. The device already boasts with over 11 hours of on screen performance and the Nougat update will greatly improve it.

The smartphone market has become more and more competitive as manufacturers have begun to update other devices than their premium lineup and this fact can only bring joy to their users.

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