Nintendo Switch Stocks Run Out Almost Instantly

Nintendo Switch has taken everyone by storm. Before its release people were pretty much split into two groups: one group was confident that the new console will be a massive success, and the other had firm opinions about why the device was going to be terribly underwhelming. Now that the console is here, it’s safe to say that the former category of users was right.

This had led to certain problems regarding the console to surface, making fans pretty unhappy. No technical problem was found and no user reported issue tainted Nintendo’s launch. The only problem with Nintendo Switch at the moment is that people can’t get more of it. This is a serious issue, no matter how silly it might sound. People all over the place are unhappy that their local retailers are all out of stock and there’s no word about the next shipment of consoles.

Those that do their gaming shopping at Gamestop are lucky enough as the retailer has recently announced that more Switch units have been made available for sale. They won’t last long, if there even are any more left by this point. Others however, haven’t been so lucky yet. Big names such as Amazon are struggling to bring in new Switch units for eager customers, and allows its users to place a “pre-order” that would basically put them in a queue for when the stock is refilled. While it’s not a traditional pre-order, it lets Amazon know that you want to buy a Switch device, and when the stocks are refilled, one will be shipped out to you. Amazon says that customers won’t be charged until the device is actually shipped, so no worries there.

A similar case was reported in the UK, with the retailer GAME. No stocks are currently available at GAME, making those that want to get a piece of Legend of Zelda action pretty upset. Of course, it’s no one’s fault that the console is so darn popular. It will be just a matter of time before everyone that wants a Switch will get one.

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