Rockstar Paying Bounties to Discover Bugs

When it comes to video games, and especially online video games, the success of a title can easily be crippled by minor problems that turn up in the game and ruin the experience for players. The worst kind of problems is those related to security, because they can also cause some serious damage to the game developer if exploited.

One of the most popular online games at the moment is GTA Online. The game is garnering massive attention still, thanks to the frequent updates that roll in. But the game’s creator, Rockstar, wants to make sure the game is as good as it can be. For that, it is offering financial rewards to people that are able to identify problems within its game. How does it work?

They’re called bounties, and people go on Rockstar’s domains and websites looking for issues. Any problems found there, they report back to Rockstar, which in turn rewards them with a monetary compensation. Many might be wandering how much you can get from the GTA maker by turning in some valuable information.

It is reported that Rockstar has already spent more than $90k so far, meaning that a lot of issues have been reported and fixed. This all results in a better overall experience for users, and a more powerful and clean platform for Rockstar. The issues fixed so far came from 155 reports. It is also important to keep in mind that any found problem should be reported to Rockstar, and no one else. Informing other people about the problems you find before telling Rockstar will impact the way they can be resolved.

And if you don’t care about that, the reward you get will also be impacted by how serious the bounty is. Some might be confused about what exactly needs to be investigated. Before you hop into GTA looking for bugs, you should know that the developer’s offer doesn’t extend to the games themselves. Here are the domains that are part of this ongoing offer:


Fans and users have the chance of earning a pretty penny while also making a difference and helping Rockstar improve its services.

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