Gmail Add-on System to Facilitate Cross-platform Work

While Google’s add-ons for Gmail came as a solution for user needs that required leaving Gmail altogether, the company feels like there is more that can be achieved through this feature. To that extent, Google is now bringing a more refined add-on experience to Gmail users.

Thanks to a new Developer Preview, we are now able to see what the new Gmail add-on functionality is going to look like. And it’s looking good. Users will benefit from only have to install an add-on once. This means that once the deed is done on one device, let’s say, your office computer, the add-on will become available on all platforms include mobile device. When you’ll be taking some extra work home with you, the add-on will be there, waiting to assist you.

Gmail extensions will be available for download and installation through Google’s G Suite marketplace, which will host an array of both older and new add-ons. The new add-ons that the company is looking to incorporate will be developed in partnership with businesses that are, like Google, looking to make Gmail a much more fruitful environment for enterprise users.

The new add-ons will be focused on the business side of using an email service. Invoicing and contact access will be facilitated through services like QuickBooks and SalesForce respectively. Users that are not in the business spectrum will not be left watching from the sidelines, as more average user-friendly integrations are expected to be arriving for the platform as well. Overall, we are looking at a very good update for Gmail that will more or less change the way people use the email service.

Google’s Gmail is widely considered the best email service in the world, with just a couple of rivaling services trying and failing to keep up the pace. The new update will further solidify Google’s leadership in this department, with users benefiting the most from it.

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