GTA 5 Online Update Coming Next Week

After releasing some details last week, Rockstar Games announced more details about the upcoming Grand Theft Auto Online update. As it seems, we will get to enjoy 20 extra Stunt Races which will be included in the update released on March 14, dubbed Cunning Stunts: Special Vehicle Circuit.

The developers posted on Rockstar Newswire and explained that the races were customized and made specifically for the Rocket Voltic, Blazer Aqua and Ruiner 2000 vehicles. Moreover, the races take advantage of the unique features and abilities present on the previously mentioned cars.

Also on March 14 we will get the chance to see the new Progen GP1, which has an extraordinary design. Besides, according to Rockstar, players will see lots of live bonuses for GTA Online. And this includes a decrease of 25% for executive offices and garages. Moreover, you will find extra discounts for special vehicles, even though we did not receive (yet) a more detailed list about it.

But that’s not all! Players can accept special vehicle mission, which is a great opportunity to double your GTA $ and RP in the GTA Online version. Bodyguards and associates will also double their GTA money while the promo lasts, which is until March 13, so hurry up!

Taking a brief look into the future, Rockstar will also launch a new set of the adversary modes in the GTA Online game this spring. This includes a new mode, named Resurrection, which is apparently a humorous take on dodgeball. Moreover, Top Down will represent an homage brought to the old-school 2D GTA.

Even though it got released over three years ago, Grand Theft Auto V is still popular, reaching again ang again the top-selling charts. According to the latest statistics, it has sold 75 million copies in total.

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