Roku Tips and Tricks for any Roku Streamer

The market is full of streaming devices, but it seems that the Roku line of products is still among the favorites, because they are not expensive and come packed with many awesome apps and services.

Today we will talk about some tips that you can use on a Roku device.

Playing Local Files

You can install many applications on your Roku device to play media files that are stored on your computer. We suggest you to use Plex, which is one of the most popular media streaming apps that you can use. First of all, you will have to create a Plex server on your computer and after that install the Plex app on your Roku device. Finally, use the Plex App on Roku to stream media from your computer.

Your Smartphone Can Act As A Roku Remote

Roku comes with a remote control, but it is quite annoying when you have to search for something. It is very hard to write on a Roku using its remote control, but you can always use your smartphone as a remote and easily write everything you want to search for.

Roku app for mobile devices is free and it can be installed on any device that runs on iOS, Android or Windows Phone. After you install the application on your smartphone, you will be able to use all playback controls that are on the Roku remote, but also use your smartphone’s keyboard to enter texts more easily.

Customizing Your Roku Interface

Roku comes with a purple and white theme, which can be quite annoying for most of you. Well, don’t worry because you can always change it by heading to Settings->Themes and choose one that you like.

HINT: You can also download more themes and even set up a screensaver from the Settings menu.

Do you own a Roku streaming device? Tell us your thoughts about it!

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