Viber Security Feature Lets Users Program Conversations for Self-Destruction

Security continues to be a high priority for software developers. The latest developer to make sure its services offer users maximum protection is Viber. The popular Viber app is now set to incorporate a brand new feature which will be implemented to the existing Secret Messages feature.

The new implementation is the ability make messages self-destruct. Not sure what that means? It’s pretty simple, actually. Basically, users will have the ability of choosing how much a chat remains active before it blows up altogether. This helps make sure that the information disclosed in this chat remains private.

There are other implications that adhere to this feature, such as the fact that users will be notified if the other party will take a screenshot or forward a message. This gives users total control over a conversation, and they can block the aforementioned aspects completely.

So what other goodies can Viber do? Well, the app allows you to set up a PIN code which will be required to gain access to a secret conversation. Conversations are by default nowadays, but if user-to-user encryption isn’t enough to reassure you of the privacy of your messages, a PIN code might be the cherry on top which does the trick.

Viber is a very popular application across several continents, but most traffic is seen in Asia and some part of Europe. Northern Africa is also recorded as a significant Viber user region, so there’s quite a diverse ensemble of cultures that are brought together by the WhatsApp and Skype Mobile competitor.

This new update will surely boost Viber’s numbers even further, and bring it one step close to catching up with its competition. Today, users have a lot of options when it comes to all things digital, and instant messaging isn’t an exception. With the ability to choose between services, users can make sure they get the one that most fits their needs.

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