Gmail Tips in Becoming a Master

Gmail is one of the most popular e-mail services in the world today, but the sad truth is that many people don’t know how to properly use it. There are lots of uses that would make your life easier and you should know about them. Here is a brief list of how to master Gmail:

Customize the inbox

If you click on the cog-wheel found on the upper right side of the interface, you can select the Compact option, which will reduce the space between your items. From the settings menu, you can also see more conversations on one page, disable conversation view and many other things. Remember to click on “save changes”!

Personalize the sending options

Also in the settings menu, you can keep your inbox clean if you select the “Show “send & archive” button in reply”. As soon as you reply to an email, you can archive the conversation instantly. It will go away from the inbox, but you can see it in search results.

Organize it better

Gmail divides by default the incoming emails into the categories Primary, Social, Promotions and others. If you want to organize it differently, you can select or open any message, then click on the More button and select the option “Filter messages like these”. Now you can select the sender, the message size, the keywords and then you can create a special filter.

Take care of security

If you accidentally left your Gmail logged in at work or at a friend’s place, you can enter your account and check all the active sessions. At the bottom of the inbox you can click on the Details link, where you will see all the recent activity. There, you will find a button that signs you out from any other location.

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