Nexus 6 Security Update Causes Android Pay Issues

Starting with the rollout of the March Security Update for Android to the Motorola Nexus 6, many users reported that they are encountering issues with the Android Pay option after they installed the file. The problem was also confirmed by Google, after a user asked on Twitter what the issue was. The tech giant answered that they are currently looking into this issue.

The solution they found was to pull the update temporarily. Even though the company uploaded the factory image and the OTA for the update again, it seems that they disabled the SafetyNet API for now. Presumably, the culprit in this situation is the API, since it was affected by the March update and it turn rendered the Android Pay feature unusable.

However, this is not the only issue people reported after installing the March update. Some other users said that ever since they got it, the device cannot recognize the SIM card anymore, which is indeed serious since you cannot initiate or receive any calls, texts or use your mobile data. Other people reported running into service issues when they switched from mobile data to Wi-Fi, or simply not having service signal often.

Strangely enough, some other people said that they encountered Android Pay issues even without installing the update file. However, the person who wrote on Reddit about this said that they are running Lineage OS, so most likely this may be the cause for it, even though the user said it worked fine before. This opens up the possibility of the issue not belonging to the March update, but to a different area.

Let’s just hope that the company will try to solve this as soon as possible, since it is not only bad image for them, but it also makes people not want to install the OTA update anymore.

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