Mass Effect Andromeda Multiplayer Is an Improved Version of ME3

Since we found out that the Mass Effect Andromeda will not have a multiplayer beta version, PAX East is the only hope of fans before the game will be released in a couple of weeks. However, some people had the chance to test out the cooperative survival multiplayer.

How does it work?

The multiplayer start just like it does in Mass Effect 3. The enemies roam around the map that gets larger and larger and the waves are more difficult. You, together with your team, have to take care of them. Of course, during the match you have to leave your comfort zone sometimes if you want to win. This may mean you have to go to terminal found all around the map or to hold down several control points there.

What tools will you have?

Just like in the past, there are various abilities that pair up well together. A team of biotics can trigger many explosions, while the soldiers can use a pulled or lifted enemy and take advantage of an assault rifle, for example. There are consumable items, like first aid or ammo packs that help you resist in there. Each round where you survive will bring you currency that lets you go out and roll the dice on various item packs.

What’s new in the game?

So, from what you can see, the Mass Effect Andromeda multiplayer is not very different than the Mass Effect 3. However, this is not as bad a thing as it sounds. As long as everything works and people love it, there’s no reason to change anything. Even so, the team did some subtle changes and improvements. They added the jet pack, they made the characters launch themselves up in the air, zip or strafe around. Moreover, you have more control of the fine-tuning options in the game.

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