The Sims 4 Upcoming On Campus DLC Latest Leaks

We all know you’re always impatient to see what other changes the “Sims 4” creators bring in your favourite game in order to keep you excited. Well, here is some news which might make your heart skip a beat: rumour has it Electronic Arts have in store a new update for you, guys, and for the moment, this is one of the biggest news in the games’ world!

Yes, you read well! It is said that Electronic Arts, the American video game company, would release a new downloadable content named “On Campus” which will make you fall in love over and over again with “The Sims 4”. What are the new activities enabled in this new expansion pack?

First of all, your Sim will enroll in a school, he will be able to easily achieve more skills by attending University courses and also being allowed to join campus organizations, as every real life student. As for the Sims’ interaction with other players, more game features and of course more options for striking up a friendship or a romantic relationship with other Sims are expected to be introduced.

From now on, you can witness your teenage Sim experience the exciting dorm living, and even move on to the University campus, being away from their families and making new friends.

However, there hasn’t been announced any official release date for the new “On campus” DLC yet so all you have to do is patiently wait while staying tuned for future news about the forthcoming updates.

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