Skype for Chrome Download Available with Twitter, Outlook and Gmail Integration

A new update has been released by Microsoft for the Skype extension for Google Chrome. Thanks to this new update, Twitter, Outlook and Gmail have been integrated into the mentioned extension.

We have to mention that the extension is not so popular on the Google Chrome web store, but this is most likely because the users are not sure about what they can expect once they install it on their browser.

Until now, the extension was somehow quite useless, as it only allowed you to share websites with Skype contacts. At the same time, you were able to use this feature to launch Skype for Web by clicking on the extension icon.

However, the new Skype extension on Google Chrome is now improving the functionality of the browser extension. An article was posted on the Microsoft’s official blog, confirming that the new Skype update comes with a few options such as Skype call links to messages, Twitter, calendar events and more.

At the same time, the extension supports Gmail and Outlook and you can even add the “join my Skype video call” link to emails on the two email services. The new Skype extension comes with a new button to the interface, allowing users to click it in order to add the call link to the message.

The same extension works similar to Twitter, but you may have to add the join link to your Twitter messages directly. If you are using Google Chrome and you already have the Skype extension installed on it, you’ve probably already received the update. If you don’t have this extension installed on your Google Chrome yet, you will have to go to the Chrome Web Store and manually install it from there.

We remind you that the Skype extension is also available for Firefox. However, Microsoft has not mentioned anything about the Firefox add-on on the announcement. We’ve already checked if the update has been released on Firefox too, but it seems that the developers have decided to not release it for Mozilla’s browser yet.

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