Skype Update Available for MacOS with Touch Bar Control

Microsoft has quietly updated the Skype application for Mac OS to version 7.48. In addition, the new Skype version for the mentioned operating system comes with a new feature for all MacBook Pro owners.

So, after you update to the latest Skype version on MacOS, all MacBook Pro owners will notice that Touch Bar support has been added and they can use it without any problems. Keep in mind that you will be able to use the standard Touch Bar controls, including volume adjustments, Siri, Esc Key and it even allows you to adjust the brightness.

Keep in mind that Touch Bar is currently supported only by the Skype version on MacOS. By navigating through the menu, you will notice the standard MacOS controls on the Touch Bar.

We remind you that last month, Microsoft has updated its official 2016 suite of application by adding Touch Bar support for all of applications that it comes with. There was even a new feature that drew our attention and that was support for quickly jumping from an event in Outlook to a Skype for Business meeting using the Touch Bar.

It seems that the support for MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar has been added to more applications since the release of the device last year. We remind you that most of the Apple owned first-party applications have been supporting the feature since its announcement.

However, now there are new applications that come with Touch Bar support and one of them is Logic Pro. Hopefully, more third-party applications will come with Touch Pro support, so that the owners of the MacBook Pro will be able to use it on their devices.

The Skype 7.48 for MacOS with Touch Bar support can be downloaded and installed right now from Skype’s official website.

Are you using Skype on your MacBook Pro? Tell us your thoughts about it!

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