Clash Royale New Cards on Heal, Bandit and Night Witch Available

The team that’s behind the Clash Royale game has revealed the biggest sneak since the announcement of the tournament mode over this weekend, with the introduction of New Arenas, New Cards and Leagues.

Today we will talk about four of the cards that will be added in the upcoming weeks.


We’re pretty sure that many Clash Royale fans have been expecting this card and it seems that it will make its way to the game sometime soon. As you’ve probably already guessed, this new card will allow you to regenerate your health. The Heal card will have a cost of 3 and it adds health back to your troops over a 3 second period. The Heal card has a smaller radius when compared to Poison card (3 vs. 3.5) and, as expected, is healing less than the damage of the Poison card does, but it costs less and heals faster than the Poison card.


The Bandit Card is a 3-cost Legendary melee troop that is able to “dash” toward any target that’s within 4-6 tile range. The Bandit is invincible while dashing, which means that any attack that’s targeting it while dashing will not do any damage.

In order to counter this card, you will have to deploy tanks that absorb the initial Dash Damage, such as Giant, Golem, Ice Golem, or use flyers such as Mega Minion or Minions to kill her fast.


The Bats card costs only 2 and it will generate 5 flying melee troops that will die as fast as Skeletons. However, Bats are very good substitute for Minions/Minion Horde, as a combo card with Miner, as you are able to send the Miner to kill the Tower arrow and have your Bats fly in and do some damage.

Night Witch

The Night Witch card has a cost of 4 and even if it looks quite good at a first sight, we’re not so sure if it will be as effective as Electro Wizard. However, we have to mention that Night Witch is a melee attacker which will hit ground troops very hard. However, it doesn’t have too many hit points and it will get destroyed very fast by a good player.

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