Dead Space 4 Latest Updates and What We Know So Far

Dead Space is a video game franchise that has gone down in video game history thanks to its unique take on the action-horror genre. The first installment of the game was received with riveting reviews, and the second attempt was equally successful. While most fans were busy debating if Dead Space 2 was better than the first game or the other way around, Dead Space 3 rolled up and promises a new amazing iteration of the now very popular franchise. Sadly enough, Dead Space 3 did not record the success of its predecessors, meaning that the entire series had taken a hit which got it benched by EA.

There are split opinions regarding the series. Many think that Dead Space should be left alone and people should enjoy the first two games for what they are and what they have accomplished. There are many more however that would love to see a return to glory of Dead Space, with Dead Space 4.

Dead Space 4 is considered a no-go throughout the gaming community. This is so due to the game developer saying that Dead Space 4 will only come out if Dead Space 3 is a success. That didn’t happen, and Dead Space 4 didn’t happen either as a result. Now, however, enough time has passed for an attempt of reviving the series. Fans have had enough grieving time over Dead Space 3 and now they can judge the possibility of DS 4 with a cool head.

The studio behind the first 3 games stated in the past that the people working there love the idea of returning for another Dead Space. This was about the time that Visceral Games, the makers of Dead Space, were preoccupied with Battlefield Hardline.

While there are no recent hints regarding any ongoing development for Dead Space 4, it wouldn’t be that farfetched to see EA make an announcement sometime in the future, letting everyone know that the game is on its way. It remains to be seen if Dead Space will be given a shot at redemption or if DS 3 really was a big enough failure to permanently shut down a franchise.

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