Google Maps 9.48.1 Available with Voice-guided GPS and New Improvements

A new version of Google Maps has been released and it can now be downloaded and installed on any mobile device that runs on Android OS. The new Google Maps version 9.48.1 has not brought any new features or options to the application, but some of the bugs and issues that the developers have found have been fixed.

If you haven’t installed the Google Maps app on your Android device yet, we suggest you to get it right now, especially if you travel a lot. Google Maps not only gives you directions from your current location to your destination, but at the same time, it gives you live information on the traffic and it will re-route you in case there is a traffic jam ahead.

At the same time, you can use this application to get guided through a foreign city. For example, if you want to visit a museum, but you don’t have any idea where it is and you don’t have a personal car, then you can use the local transportation. Google Maps will tell you what subway or bus you need to take and also give you an ETA when you should arrive to your destination.

When you get to a POI (point of interest) place, such as museum, restaurant, hotel or gas station, you will also be able to leave a review, so that the future customers will have an idea what to expect.

We have to mention that Google Maps is free and you can install the latest 9.48.1 version directly from the Google Play Store.

Google Maps 9.48.1 For Android: Features

  • Accurate maps in 220 territories and countries;
  • Voice-guided GPS navigation for walking, biking and driving;
  • Transit direction and maps for over 15.000 cities and towns;
  • Incident reports, live traffic condition and automatic re-routing to find the fastest route to your destination;
  • Detailed information about over 100 million places;
  • Indoor and street view imagery for museums, restaurants, hotels and more.
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