Google Maps Tips and Tricks for Daily Use

Not all people use Google Maps on a daily basis. On the contrary, you can use this mobile app to help you get walking or driving directions. So, if you travel often, you can find Google Maps a very significant tool. Here are some Google Maps tips and tricks that might come in handy.

Getting Alternative Driving Directions

This is a very useful tool, particularly when you are looking to avoid a toll area or some construction zones. So, whether you like to take a longer or shorter route, you can always change your route by dragging the path around.

Creating Your Own Maps

You might find this a very unique feature, but you need not have any programming expertise to do this. You can even add shapes, flags, and other similar objects in which you can publish it publicly or share with friends only. This might be very useful when you want your guests to know the location of the birthday party you are hosting along a park.

Locating a Site from Your Phone Even without GPS

You can also install Google Maps from your mobile device, which can tell you the approximate area you are looking for even without turning the GPS on. For this reason, you only require a mobile device with data plan or Wi-Fi connection in order to access Google Maps for Mobile.

Sharing Your Own Location with Your Friends

With Google Maps, you can choose to share your location with your family or friends via Google+ Locations. If you can recall, this feature was available via the name Latitudes. Thus, you can set the location sharing option to be exact or somewhat fuzzy along the city level, which would depend on your preferences when sharing your location with anyone.

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