PlayStation 4 Tips of Setting Up An External Hard Drive

Sony has recently released a new firmware update for its PlayStation 4. The new 4.50 update has brought some new features to the PS4 and PS4 Pro consoles. One of the new features now allows the PS4 console to support external hard drives, which you can use to store your games.

Today we will talk about how you can setup an external hard drive on your PlayStation 4. First of all, we have to mention that the external hard drive will need to support USB 3.0 and to have a capacity between 250GB and 8TB.

In other words, if you’ve purchased a hard drive recently, you should not have any problems regarding these requirements. Unfortunately, if you have an old external hard drive, there are high chances that your PlayStation 4 will not support it.

Setting Up An External Hard Drive On PS4

First of all, you will need to format the hard drive. In order to do this, connect it to your PlayStation 4 console using an USB cable. In case your console doesn’t recognize the hard drive, then you are not using an USB 3.0 cable or your hard drive doesn’t support USB 3.0 (make sure that you don’t use the old cable that came with DualShock controller).

Once the hard drive is recognized by the PlayStation 4 console, you will have to take the following steps:

  • Go to Settings->Devices->USB Storage Devices and select your external hard drive;
  • Select “Format as Extended Storage”;
  • Select Next->Format->Yes->Okay (keep in mind that all the data stored in the external storage will be completely erased after this step).

From now on, any new game or software that you install will be stored on your external hard drive.

Will you use an external hard drive on your PlayStation 4? Tell us your thoughts about this new option that Sony has added to its console!

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