Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 vs. iPad Pro – Best Specs and Features Comparison

Currently, Samsung is fighting the successful Apple iPad Pro with their Galaxy Tab S3 model, but is there truly any competition between them? Let’s find out!


Samsung didn’t change significantly the design for the Galaxy Tab 3, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing. It has the same 10-inch size and a similar front look, with the Home button and the navigation ones placed on the bezel. Meanwhile, iPad Pro measures 9.7 inches and is 6.1 mm thick. It has a minimalist design which is quite attractive.


The tablets have similar size screens and pretty much the same resolution, so there’s not a big difference between them regarding the sharpness of the image. Tab 3 is based on an AMOLED screen, while iPad Pro uses an LCD one. As such, Samsung offers better contrast and black levels.


While iPad Pro runs on the A9X chip, made by themselves, Samsung is using a Snapdragon 820 chip, which is definitely not the newest release on the market. Consequently, this means that iPad Pro wins this round, and if performance is important to you, you should opt for the Apple product.


We don’t have yet all the details about the Galaxy Tab S3 camera, but up until now we know that the iPad Pro will enjoy a decent one. However, the Samsung camera is supposed to beat the camera found on the iPhone 5, so this might mean that Apple should be concerned.


The major problem with the Tab S3 seems to be the battery though. It offers a mere 6,000 mAh battery, while iPad Pro beats it with 7,306 mAh. This is almost 20% more, and it counts as a significant difference between the two, possibly leaning the balance towards Apple’s product.

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