Adobe Flash Player Update Available with Microsoft Patch Tuesday Security Update

Those that remember the Windows 10 vulnerability incident that happened back in February also know that it caused Microsoft to delay the month’s Patch Tuesday. Patch Tuesday is an opportunity Microsoft takes every month to bring new security patches to its operating system and services. Since February’s batch was delayed, it was expected that the Windows creator would bring in a larger update this month. And that is exactly what they did, as the latest Patch Tuesday has finally dropped, containing a slew of new updates and important vulnerability stomps.

A great vulnerability was present in Microsoft’s file sharing system for Windows. While most companies preemptively block networks from gaining access to file sharing, it is still a great risk that could result in impactful negative outcomes if malicious entities were to try and exploit this vulnerability. That being said, Microsoft took care of this particular issue and not only removing a great threat from its system but also putting the minds of company owners to ease.

Microsoft’s efforts resulted in patching several issues that were regarded as high threat. It is to be remembered that last month, the Google-based Project Zero blew the lid on Microsoft’s vulnerabilities, thus forcing the company to take immediate action.

Another well received security update is that of Adobe’s Flash Player service. The company didn’t let the opportunity of sliding in a Flash Player update the same time as Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday slip, so now we also have an up to date Flash Player. Flash Player also had a mini scandal on its hands after another plethora of problems had been discovered.

Already considered a no-no by many, Flash continues to get support from Adobe despite the fact that it is not the default solution anymore. It is quite some time now since Google released the Chrome update which took Flash down and instated HTML as then new default solution.

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