GTA Online Newest DLC arrives with Stunt Races and Big Rewards

One of the things that GTA fans love about the online iteration of the franchise is the fact that Rockstar is constantly bringing new features and content to the table. In absence of a traditional expansion or DLC pack, Rockstar brings a plethora of smaller sized updates which contain new features and new things for players to explore. They can even add entire mechanics to the game as was the case with the Import/ Export DLC which introduced players to exotic car trafficking and that entire scene and way of making money. Since a new expansion has landed for GTA Online, we thought we’d show you what it’s all about.

The latest DLC is named Cunning Stunts: Special Vehicle Circuit and it brings a real treat for car enthusiasts. And if you’re playing GTA 5 or GTA Online, you probably have a certain soft spot for cars in general. The new update will focus around three of the recently introduced cars, which are the Blazer Aqua, the Ruinter 2000 and Rocker Voltic. These vehicles come with special abilities and in the new expansion, players will get to specifically work around using those to reach the goal.

There are a total of 20 new races added to the game. They aren’t any type of races, but stunt races. These stunt races can only be attempting using one of the three aforementioned special vehicles, and will implement a series of challenges and obstacles which will make it pretty hard for players to finish it.

If you’re in need of some quick GTA$ or even RP, you should know that you can get double rewards in those currencies by participating in the new stunt races. This offer stands until the 22nd of March.

There is also a new vehicle that has made its way through into the game via the new update. This new car is the Progen GP1.

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