Google Maps Download To Be Used At A Later Date Even Without Internet

If you are on the go, you can always rely on the services of Google Maps to keep you posted on your walking or driving directions smoothly. Thus, even without an Internet connection, you can simply download Google Maps to any device that you have and continue using the app without using a ton of data. You can even take advantage of having it installed on your car when you are driving.

For those who are downloading the app for the smartphone, simply choose the local that you can directly download to your device. Just make sure that you perform this before you get out of range from a Wi-Fi or data plan. Take note that a huge map can consume your data plan. So, you are doing this to save as much data as you like.

Google reportedly has limited the maximum size of the map that you can install and use offline. This would cover a 120,000sq km area, which should be a lot useful on most trips. Simply open the Maps app on your tablet or mobile phone and ensure that you are signed in. Thus, you need to tap the bar on the upper left of the search bar wherein you can see if your email address or name is shown.

There are offline areas as you can notice from there. You might want to go to Recommended Areas by tapping the offline areas and your Home location. Remember that downloads would stay in a matter of 29 days, so it is worth downloading, particularly, if you are visiting that neighborhood soon.

Downloaded areas would expire after a matter of 29 days, so make it a point to download only when you are going there soon. Downloading a place on Google Maps too early might just ruin everything, as it would disappear before you have even used it.

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