Google Play Store Is Focused on Security for Android Devices

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If you own an Android device, the Google Play Store is a native application that is bundled with it. This is because it serves as an official mobile app store for Android OS or operating system. This would allow users to search and download apps developed with the software development kit for Android devices.

Basically, the Play Store serves as a digital media store as well, which offers books, movies, magazines, music, and television programs, among others. Moreover, this is where Android users would find applications available at a cost or free of charge.

When choosing an app from the Google Play Store, you can rest assured that they have undergone rigorous security tests before being displayed to the public. Thus, according to Google policies, they have the right to suspend any developer who have violated the rules.

At the same time, from the moment you have installed the app, you have a built-in software that would scan your device regularly in order to determine that the app behaved according to the stipulated policies. In case the app has been acting maliciously, it can notify you and then Google Play Store can block it automatically.

If you are not aware of how apps work, you might be surprised after knowing this. In fact, every Android application is housed inside a virtual sandbox that should keep your personal data safe. Thus, the apps that you choose to install wouldn’t be able to access sensitive information, such as images or locations unless you have allowed it.

Google Play Store also helps you avoid any harmful apps from creeping inside your mobile device. Just make sure that you have enabled the Verify Apps feature on your device. You can do this by simply going to Google Settings. At the main Settings app, you need to scroll down and choose Google > Security > Verify Apps, and then turn the Scan device for security threats on and you are good to go.

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