Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Update Comes with Bug Fixes and New Patches

It seems that the developers at Mojang are really trying to maintain their various Minecraft titles. They make a real effort of removing any bugs and issues that might appear in the game. Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition is the most recent version of the game that has to receive a title update. The team announced patch #50 and several details about it.

What’s New

They basically brought several fixes for a couple of issues:

  • MCCE-4226 – Here the wrong LOD was showing for non-block item icons on the UI;
  • MCCE-4227 – The nether portals were sending the players to the wrong portals;
  • MCCE-4321 – You could fall through the block below you when you jumped in a confined space, such as a small tunnel.

The latest update is now live and people seem to really enjoy it. Some people were actually bothered by the nether portal issue and now they’re happy to see this fixed. One user, for example, complained about the fact that the distance for shooting an arrow at the skeleton is quite tricky on the 360 version. If you are one of the people who encounter the same issue, then you should try and shoot it from a distance of 50 blocks measured horizontally. Another user reported that vertically the game would not recognize it, but it worked when doing it horizontally.

Moreover, people wrote on forums that they really appreciate all the hard work and dedication the developers have been putting into this game for so long. And honestly, this consistency in fixing errors and bringing new things only benefits the game, since people will be more faithful to the franchise and will have a reason to go on playing. What’s left is to wait and see what other novelties the team will bring in the future.

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