Siri vs. Alexa – Best Skills and Compatibility Comparison

Amazon has recently begun the rolling out process of Alexa, the artificial intelligence voice assistant they have, to the iPhone models through the major shopping app.

How to Use It

If you want to wake Alexa up, all you have to do is to tap the microphone icon on top of the Amazon app. After that, you can ask it to carry out several types of tasks, such as playing music with the help of Amazon Prime Music, Spotify’s rival, or to add items to the Amazon shopping cart. Moreover, the assistant can answer a lot of questions on varied topics, for example you can ask about the weather or do some simple math.

Skills and Compatibility

The “skills” are in fact apps created by several developers in order to carry out tasks through Alexa. As a user, you can enable some of the skills with your iPhone. Moreover, the assistant is compatible with lots of devices, and we can see that Amazon has been trying really hard to integrate it on various devices.

You can already find it on the Echo smart speaker, and at the Consumer Electronics Show, which took place in the beginning of this year, we found out that Alexa will be incorporated in the new LG refrigerator and even the Mate 9 smartphone produced by Huawei.

Now, it seems that Amazon is using Alexa in order to get on Apple’s territory. However, this is quite a dangerous move, since Apple already uses Siri, which is preferred by most users. One good thing about rolling Alexa to the shopping app is the fact that you don’t need to download and install any other software. Taking into account the fact that Apple occupies second place in the top smartphone makers, this might bring Alexa the scale it needs to evolve.

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