Google Chrome v57 Update Details and Improvements

During the recent years, Google has been working much to deal with a long pending issue with the Chrome browser. Even though it’s the most famous browser in the world, Chrome has often times been criticized for the fact that it drains the memory and the battery life on users’ devices. And now it’s been more than three years since the company did not deal with it. However, Google seems to have finally found a solution, and the latest update will apparently improve the battery life and the CPU performance.

Chrome v57 Novelties

Even if the update has just been released, Google announced that they started working on the issue in September 2016. On the Chromium Blog, the tech giant explained that the new version 57 will take care of the individual background tabs. How are they going to do this? As it seems, they will be limiting the timer fire rate for those tabs running in the background that are using extra power.

But How Do Tabs Work?

Each of the background tabs has a time budget for the processes that are running in the background. After it has been in the background for 10 seconds, the tab is subjected to limits, limits which are based on how much CPU time can be used. The thing is that the new version 57 lets Chrome limit background tabs to the use of just 1% of the CPU core when the tab runs in the background.

Google reported that by using this solution, the throttling strategy led to 25% less busy background tabs. In the future, they hope to be able to quit background tabs altogether. This means not just significant improvements for power usage, but also saving memory, so Chrome can optimize and purge any memory.

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