Google Maps Tips and Tricks to Facilitate Online Navigation

You can do many things with your Google Maps application just as you would on any other products from Google. Here are some tips and tricks that you can learn quickly.

Using Offline Maps

This app doesn’t store everything on its map data on the phone as it would consume too much space. But, it is possible to download some map data of areas in case you would access them on places without any Internet connection from a Wi-Fi or data plan.

  • You have to tap the button at the upper left corner when you would open the Google Maps screen, and then choose Offline Areas.
  • You can also tap the plus button at the lower right portion of the screen and drag the map to where you want to download. If you want to cover a bigger or smaller size of the map, you simply have to pinch to adjust, and then tap the Download option.

Using Wi-Fi Only Feature

You can also minimize data usage when you are navigating. This has been made possible as Google has recently rolled out a cool feature to limit the use of Google Maps only to Wi-Fi networks. Hence, when you would enable this feature, the navigation and Maps would only work in the downloaded areas or when you are connected to Wi-Fi.

  • Simply tap the hamburger button found at the upper left portion of the app screen, and then scroll to the bottom to choose Settings. Just tap the toggle switch for Wi-Fi only option and you are good to go.

Sending Directions from Your Computer to Your Mobile Device

Navigating via computer is possible, as you can also send directions that you have gathered to your mobile device.

  • You just have to ensure that you are logged in to your account and look for a place from the Maps.
  • You can notice that after choosing a place, there will be an option to send the said directions to your mobile phone. This would be viewed below the listing. So when you click on this button, there would be a dropdown menu that should display all connected devices, including the Text and Email options.

Earning More Drive Storage

Yes, Google will give you a reward if you review the locations that you have visited. This is in accordance with the Local Guide initiative from Google, enabling the locals to be the source of information. Thus, you can get points in exchange for a review, answered questions, and photos of locations or by adding and editing certain places.

Using Voice Activation

This is a very good option when you are driving. Thus, you can find a microphone button on top of the search button that would allow you to speak different commands. You can also unmute or mute the voice guidance, toggle satellite view, ask for alternative routes or even toggle traffic via voice command.

You should also apply some cool tips and tricks on your Google Maps application so that you can maximize your experience in online navigation.

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