Microsoft Surface Book 2 Opinion – Should You Get One?

If you plan to trade your Surface Book for its successor one day, then you might want to think again and to keep your 2-in-1 computer, since it’s going to become a piece of history. Even though it had its quirks and critics, Microsoft Surface Book was received very well. One thing that prevented people from buying as many copies as they would have wanted is the fact that it got quite a high price tag. As such, Microsoft appears to be planning to cut down the costs for the Surface Book 2, and they want to cut the most original feature it had.

Drastic Changes

Honestly, Surface Book is mainly a laptop. The fact that it has a 2-in-1 feature is mostly due to the fact that the Surface brand was initially associated more with tablets than with laptops. However, this may have been to their disadvantage, since people were quite confused about the differences between the Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Book laptop in particular.

Price Cuts

Given the fact that Microsoft expanded the Surface brand to be more than just the tablet series, the company can now transform the brand into a laptop one. If they will embrace a non-detachable form, the company can cut down on the costs and offer the Surface Book 2 at a more accessible price, compared to the previous model. However, if they choose to do so, everything that was unique about the product will disappear.

This news doesn’t seem to make fans too delighted. Though it might have had its fair share of bugs and errors, people still appreciated the uniqueness and the duality of the Microsoft Surface Book. And if all this is gone, the Surface Book 2 may be nothing more than just a plain laptop.

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