Overwatch New Patch To Reduce Draws and Brings new Features

Overwatch is the first multiplayer first person-shooter video game that Blizzard has ever released. The game has been published back in May 2016 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC.

At the beginning, not many gave this game many chances, but in spite of the skepticism, it seems that it has become very popular and now it is played by more than 25 million of fans all over the world.

In Overwatch, you will be able to take the type of champion that you want. There are four categories of champions in Overwatch: Defensive, Offensive, Support and Tank. You and your team will need to secure and defend control points or escort payload across the map in a limited amount of time.

We remind you that first the game was launched with:

  • Casual play;
  • Competitive Ranked mode;
  • Many “Arcade” game modes;
  • A player-customizable server browser.

Well, Blizzard has also developed and added new maps, game modes, characters while stating that Overwatch update will remain free. In fact, the only way Blizzard is currently making money with this game by selling copies and with micro transactions.

While the game is pretty good, there are some things that annoy gamers while playing it. One of those things is the “Draw” while playing Overwatch in Ranked mode. In other words, when a Draw happens during Ranked Mode in Overwatch, nobody wins or loses any points, which can be quite annoying, after playing for 30-45 minutes.

Well, it seems that Blizzard is already working to bring some fixes for this issue, and, in fact, the Overwatch Public Test Region (PTR) will most likely receive it sometime soon. Once the new patch will be tested, if everything will be ok, the patch will be brought to the live servers. In other words, Blizzard claims that the new patch will reduce the Draws in Overwatch match during Ranked mode.

Do you think that the new patch will fix the annoying Draw matches during Ranked mode?

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