Samsung Galaxy S8 Comes with U Flex Headphones

The Samsung U Flex wireless headphones designed for the Galaxy S8 have recently gotten the Bluetooth certification from the Bluetooth SIG. The information was posted on Thursday on their website. However, the headset was not officially announced by Samsung until now, even though the company from South Korea applied for a trademark on the U Flex brand in the European Union. This hints to the possibility of the product being released soon on the market.

Specs and Compatibility

Most likely, the headphones will be compatible with the Bluetooth 5.0 feature, since the Galaxy S8 device is the first one that is expected to sport this particular function. The U Flex headset will probably be compatible with lots of devices, despite the fact that the Bluetooth certificate says it was particularly designed for the Galaxy S8. Bluetooth SIG unveiled the fact that the upcoming pair of wireless headphones wears the EO-BG950 model number. The striking thing here is the fact that the model number for the headset is similar to the SM-G950 model number for the upcoming flagship device.

Future Developments

The original rumors stated that the U Flex product will be released as another addition to the Level audio devices series made by Samsung. However, the recently listed certificate doesn’t say anything about the Level brand, so maybe the headset will be released a standalone product. Of course, there is also the possibility that Samsung intends to start a new lineup.

The headphones were manufactured together with AKG, which is an audio company based in Vienna, Austria, involved in the process of development for the Galaxy S8. Samsung has previously revealed this piece of information at the MWC event last month in Barcelona.

If all the rumors are true, we might be seeing more information about the U Flex headphones soon enough.

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