Sonic Mania to be Available for Xbox One, PS4 and PC

Recently, the Sonic series celebrated the 25th anniversary, reason for joy and happiness for many of its fans. Today, Sega hosted a panel at the South at Southwest event, where they talked about 2 games they are currently working on. The two are named Sonic Mania and Project Sonic 2017, which of course, will not keep this name forever.

Sonic Mania Is Delayed

When it comes to Sonic Mania, it seems that the main information we need to know is that it got delayed. As such, we won’t get the chance to test it this spring, but rather this summer, if there are no other delays to appear later on. We got no specific release date though, so anything is possible.

However, the good part is that we got some teasers for new enemies, a vinyl album collector’s edition, preordering bonuses, plus the comeback of the Flying Battery Zone. Project Sonic 2017

As it seems, the official name for this project is Sonic Forces. It will run on a new engine called The Hedgehog Engine 2 and it should be out sometime this year. The name refers a battle between good and evil, which certainly makes for a good plot.

Moreover, Sega also presented a short clip of the Sonic Forces gameplay. The clip reveals a fast-paced third-person gameplay, showing Sonic moving around in the city we got the chance to see in the trailer revealed last year. On March 17, the video will become available for everybody. From what we can see, there are various paths through the levels and 2 different gameplay styles, one of them being centered on the classic Sonic style.

Both games will be available for all platforms, from PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch to PC.

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